Artwork by  Pejac

Artwork by Pejac

In a dream I had to give a very important speech. No preparation, just stand and say what needs to be said. The dream itself was not about what I was able to say, but rather about how I bring myself to the world, what obstacles stand between expression and authenticity. It is there that I exist as a writer and practitioner of aikido and meditation. 

Born to British parents in Modena, Italy, I was raised bilingual. I studied English and Linguistics for five years at Aberdeen and Oxford, UK, and have spent eight of the past twenty years travelling, in Asia and Australasia, the US and Israel, and now I am building a more settled existence for myself and my family in Zürich, Switzerland. 

A word on the picture above. I love Pejac's work. The flag here for me represents identity, its position in relation to the landscape the absurdity of claiming ownership. But the fraying of the flag to my mind is where the static object with all its symbols and status is coming alive, transforming into something organic. This is what art stands for.

  Joe Peloquin    
Joe Peloquin
Traveler, Meditator and Activist living nomadically between North America, Europe, the Middle East and India.
  Robert Norris    Writer, teacher, meditator living in Zürich Switzerland
Robert Norris
Writer, teacher, aikido practitioner living in Zürich, Switzerland

Record of Hope is part of a lifelong inquiry into the creative process, and into how this process may be of service in the world. My aim in creating Record of Hope has been to offer a narrative space in which voices from the field with stories to tell of human resilience in the face of suffering can express what needs to be expressed; the net result of the interviews, research and writing is, hopefully, a narrative product that has the capacity to inspire others to take supportive action in situations of need and advocate for a discourse of affirmative possibility.  

Joe Peloquin

Joe was born in Rhode Island, on the east coast of the United States. He has spent the majority of the last five years either on meditation retreat or actively engaged on grassroots ecological and humanitarian projects in France, Israel/Palestine and India. He joins Record of Hope both as a collaborator and as the ‘voice’ in its first Record.